Sustainability and Guest Comfort

Understanding healthy products

Healthy Materials

Hospitality interior design now has the ability to address what customers might look for in the quality of their guest experience. Clean air in guest rooms, attractive and safe finishes on the walls and floors, and environmentally friendly bed linens, towels, and furniture all add comfort for the guests while simultaneously contributing to sustainability.

Product Choices

For guest rooms, lobbies, amenity decks, swimming areas and yoga studios, using materials with very low volatile organic compounds and chemicals can make it faster to have rooms ready for use by patrons

Healthy Product Resources

Organizations, such as the Healthy Building Network and the Living Futures Institute, have developed comprehensive online data sources that make it easier to research and select materials. Our design team can now utilize the open source work of others in the industry to help hotel owners and operators make good choices in the purchase of the materials. Whether using a design-build contract or integrated project delivery methods, informed choices are now more available for all stakeholders.
Making informed decisions about healthier products ultimately paves the way for healthier hospitality.