Hospitality and Residential – Sharing Design and Amenities

Do hotel guests prefer to cozy up in front of a warm fireplace on plush couches in spaces that remind them of their own living rooms at home, or do they long to inject a bit of hotel luxury into their residential apartment with rainfall shower heads and purified air filters? The answer is “both.” Hotel design trends are crossing over into multi-family residential buildings and visa versa. The line distinguishing spaces in which people vacation and spaces in which they live everyday has blurred. In order to make travel more comfortable, touches of home are introduced, while at the same time luxury lets everyone experience what can only be aspired to in most people’s everyday life. Multifamily properties now cater to more sophisticated tastes and borrow hospitality techniques to pamper residents. This is resulting in new opportunities for hotel owner and operators to differentiate based on designing spaces that feel like home while influencing their guests’ actual home design. This may create a tighter bond between hotels and guests, leading to increased guest loyalty and advocacy.

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