SEPTA Unveils Renderings of 15th Street Station Renovations

There’s good news, bad news and “bad news with a but” about the long-planned, long-delayed reconstruction of City Hall Station on the Broad Street Line and 15th Street Station on the Market-Frankford Line.

The first, but perhaps unavoidable, bit of bad news: The hordes that will descend upon Philadelphia for the World Conference of Families starring Pope Francis this fall and the Democratic National Convention next summer will experience the same dingy, cramped platforms and passages we have had to endure for more than 85 years.

That’s because SEPTA wants to keep the stations fully open for those two events. Which brings us to the good news: Once the Democrats decamp, work will begin in earnest on the largest reconstruction project SEPTA has undertaken since the Frankford Transportation Center replaced Bridge-Pratt, and the most complex one it’s ever undertaken. Read the rest of the article here.