Penn State Shortlidge Mall

State College, PA

Shortlidge Mall is always packed with people. Students, faculty and staff enjoy being on campus and spend more time interacting with colleagues and friends. - Gordon E. Turow, Director of Campus Planning and Design.

The Pennsylvania State University
2.5 acres
$2 Million
Master Planning and BLT/Payette Joint Venture Architects with Lager Raabe Skafte Landscape Architects

Formerly Shortlidge Road, the new mall with its Great Lawn is a canvas for informal student gatherings, small outdoor classes, or eating lunch. It is a picturesque addition to the campus in the spirit of other landscaped malls that spring from the town/gown division that is College Avenue to Old Main, Eastview Terrace or that within West Halls. Features include a perennial garden with over 20,000 bulbs selected to bloom at scheduled intervals throughout the spring and summer, a continuous granite seat-wall surrounding the Great Lawn with the names of all the academic colleges at the university engraved on the surface, a medallion with the university seal in the center of the mall, and a bosque of trees at the entrance to the mall, with an alee along both sides.


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