Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

Philadelphia, PA

The seductive nature of design creates elements of surprise.

Marsha Brown Enterprises
7,500 sf
$2.8 Million
Architect with Beth Donner Design serving as consulting interior designer

Marsha Brown’s Ruth Chris 275-foot restaurant brings fresh design to a traditional genre. The design for Ruth’s Chris Market Street is all about the “right amount “. The juxtaposition of masculine vs feminine, vintage vs modern, sophistication vs kitsch presents itself throughout the space.  From the moment one experiences the vintage lined brick entry with glowing red iron canopy and modern gas lanterns you’re tempted to see what is beyond the glass entry façade.  What is special and unique to this store is the variation of spaces that at first seemed to create a tough challenge however it soon became a most alluring feature. Each environment created has a character unlike the other and at the same time flows seamlessly together.  The seductive nature of this design creates an element of surprise and invites the patron to come back and try a new experience.


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