Penn State East Sub-Campus Parking Deck

State College, PA

The handsome façades of this massive, efficient garage allowed it to be inserted in the midst of campus without disturbing the collegiate atmosphere.

The Pennsylvania State University
420,800 sf
$15.5 Million
Architect with Robert A.M. Stern serving as Consulting Architectural Designer

The seven-level parking deck with a one-way double-helix and 1,273 parking stalls provides assigned parking for faculty and staff of nearby academic buildings, as well as revenue generating parking for football games, concerts and other special events. The façades are predominately clad in a custom brick blend with pre-cast and cast stone accent elements and window-like openings to contextually relate in material, scale, rhythm, and proportion to adjacent academic and student residence buildings.

An automated parking control system integrated into a campus-wide network allows monthly pass holders to enter and exit the facility independent of ticketed visitor parking. This standardized and centrally monitored system allows the client to easily shift parking employees from deck to deck on an as needed basis, thus increasing their efficiency and helping control operational costs.


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