East Market: Chestnut Walk

Philadelphia, PA

A new urban village wakes up old Market East.

National Real Estate Development
4.3 Acres
Architect, Master Planner

The East Market masterplan vision was to create an urban village in the otherwise untapped Market East corridor in the heart of Center City Philadelphia, bounded by Market and Chestnut Streets to the north and south as well as 11th and 12th Streets to the east and west. Ground level retail is energized by extending the retail frontage from Market Street to Chestnut Street through a pedestrian passage called Chestnut Walk. Once stricken streets of Ludlow and Clover are re-opened to public vehicular traffic, creating six development pads, each with four sided retail with underground parking and centralized loading for the entire site. The two Market Street development pads are accentuated with a residential tower towards 11th Street with its entry from the purposefully designed smaller scale to Ludlow Street. The mid-block pads are existing structures that are repurposed. In the last phases of the project, the connection to Chestnut Street is completed with a two-story retail podium and residential tower to the west.


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