Lancaster Square at Gates Circle

Buffalo, NY

BLTa created an amazing design on what we thought to be an impossible site. – Neighborhood Steering Committee

TM Montante Development, Morgan Communities
60,000 sf
$13 Million
Architect and Interior Designer

A competition-winning design, the Gateway Building at Lancaster Square is a first-phase mixed-use, multi-family residential building with fifty-nine units located adjacent to Frederick Law Olmstead’s historic Gates Circle in Buffalo NY.

With a site width of only 38’, the design employs a single loaded corridor layout at the typical residential floors, achieving a floor efficiency of over 80%.  The main lobby and all building services are centered in the building, allowing each of the 3 primary corners of the site to showcase over 6,000 sf retail space that maximize activation within the neighborhood. The three views included represent the primary views of the project from the surrounding neighborhood.

The façade of the building is a nearly continuous storefront system at the base, topped by a curvilinear wrapper of brick that is punctuated with varied sizes of openings to both respond to the views of the site and to modulate the elevations of the façade to create a dynamic urban experience.


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